Free home Sample Collection, blood test price in delhi.


Understanding the special needs of our customers. We bring you access to world-class laboratory facilities right at your doorstep. The service employs a team of skilled phlebotomists who collect the samples within the comfort of your home. Our experienced team is competent in the collection of sample from the very ill, the frail and the young. Our Lab at Home initiative is the ideal home laboratory solution for senior citizens, people with disabilities, people who prefer the privacy of their home and even people who are simply busy at work.


Insist on Pathfinders Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

  • Highly trained teams of phlebotomists are experts in single prick blood collection
  • Flexible timings: We understand your needs and hence we collect samples as early as 7:30AM or late evenings.
  • Customers can book home visit through a call or by filling a simple online form
  • Printed and Email Reports for your records.
  • Sunday Services: We go the extra mile for your convenience. We collect samples even on Sundays!
  • You may either book your appointment online by filling a simple online form or just call / SMS our regional office.
  • Please book your house call at least 1 days in advance


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Looking to serve you more better. We serve Delhi, Delhi NCR and other Neighbouring cities.

What is kft test price delhi?

Our basic kidney function test includes following tests  BUN Urea Nitrogen, Serum Calcium Total, Serum Chlorides, Serum Creatinine, Serum
Potassium, Serum Proteins, Serum Sodium, Serum Urea, Serum Uric Acid, Serum BUN/Creatinine Ratio, Urea/Creatinine Ratio, EGFR. Our kft test price delhi is lowest among peers and cost only Rs. 600.

What is thyroid test price in delhi?

Our Thyroid panel contain following tests  Thyroid Panel, SUMMARY:-T3, Total Tri IodothyronineT4, Total Thyroxine TSH-Ultrasensitive. Pricing for same is Rs. 600 only which is lowest among peers.

What is cbc test price in delhi?

cbc test measures RBC, WBC etc can help to detect infections, anemia etc. Our lab at delhi offers cbc test in Rs. 300 only.

What is IFT test? What is  lft test price in delhi?

IFT test helps in detection of virus antigen . it does help to detect IgG, IgM, IgA antibodies. This test is priced at Rs. 600 in our Delhi lab.

What is  crp test price in delhi?

CRP protein indicates inflammation in body. It is caused by variety of causes. It cause help your doctor to diagnose certain diseases like heart disease, cancer, liver disease etc.  This test is priced at Rs. 500 in our delhi lab.

What is  lipid profile test price in delhi?

Lipid profile helps to detect good and bad cholesterol in body. High cholesterol increase your risk of heart disease. This test is priced at Rs. 600. However cholesterol test price in delhi is Rs. 150 only.

 What is blood group test price in delhi ?

Blood Group test cost only Rs. 120.

what is hemoglobin test price in delhi?

HB test cost Rs. 150 only.

What is hba1c test price in delhi?

Our lab at delhi charge Rs. 550. This is important test to measure your sugar lavel of past 2-3 months and helps your doctor to set dose of your diabetes medicines.

What is Semen analysis test price in delhi?

This test cost Rs. 300 only.